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Management Team

Please meet our Management side of the business. Carol and Ryan run this business from the Carols Canine Caring HQ on Dodwell Lane! Hover over there faces to read a brief Description of there roles!!


Carol is the CEO of the Company and created this amazing buisness 13 years ago! Who would have thought that walking a couple of dogs for some pocket money would have created this crazy Empire!


Meet Ryan, this is Carols Son and Manager of Carols Canine Caring. Ryan helps run the everyday operations of the Buisness. You might see him in the vans and on walks if someones is off.

Dog walkers

Big AL

Big Al is often spotted in the Warsash/fareham Area, she has a passion for dogs and loves the walking! Very excitable member of staff that always puts a smile on peoples faces!

Gillian Uttley

This is Gill, she was one of the first staff members employed by Carols Canine Caring outside the Family. An extremely trustworthy person who’s very dedicated to her job and making sure her doggies are happy. She has a soft spot for a Black cockerpoo called Dexter!!!

Nikki Ellis

Meet Nikki, she joined our team late Febuary time and has already shown a real confidence with the dogs and made sure that they all enjoy there day as best they can! Nikki has a background with horses and in her spare time looks after her own horses! A real animal lover and another Smiley face to brighten up your day!!!

Natasha Skinner

Tash is serving her 2nd spell with the company after she found a new job during covid working in a Care home, However the pull of he doggies made her return for her 2nd coming! Tasha can be found on all the vans and has a massive soft spot for Staffies!!! Tash brightens up every dogs day with lots of affection and kisses!!

Lottie Dewey

Meet Lottie, she took a big carear change to chase her love for Dogs! An ex NHS call taker! She has a real passion for EVERY dog as they do for her! Lottie has made her dog walks a real every day adventure leading to continual positive feedback from doggie parents!

Rosie Kananathan

This is Rosie who joined the Company recently, shes very good with the dogs and has taken the job role in her stride! A bubbly character and a great addition to the team!

Paddock person/dog carer

You wont find Alison out on the vans, she’s based at Carols headquarters. Ali does the hard graft behind the scenes that allow this business to have such a high level of cleanliness and class. Ali is the cog in the machine that keeps the base ticking. A very important role upheld by an awesome person! Alison also brings in the Staff brownies on a Friday which makes her even more important!!!

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