Dog sitting / boarding services

Our dog sitting/dog boarding service is a pleasant, fun, run-free alternative to kennels. Your dog will become part of our family during its holiday. It will have a free run of our home, garden and our own safe, secure, enclosed 1/2 acre paddock.

Suitable for 24 hour periods or longer
Spaces are limited
Only 8 dogs can be boarded at any one time
Late bookings are fine but try and book early to avoid disappointment!

Puppy talk: “It was great fun staying there, and I made other doggy friends, which made me feel like one of the family!”

Please note that as your dog will be using our services, we will need to meet them, to ensure they are sociable and friendly, and fully vaccinated against diseases, including kennel cough.

Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon for more details.

Doggy services in Bursledon

Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon offers a range of doggy-related services, including:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Boarding
  • Home Visits
  • Vet Appointments
  • Crate Training
  • Grooming Appointments
  • Calorie Counting
  • Puppy Classes
  • Oldies Socialising
  • Rest & Recovery
  • And More … Just Ask!

    Tell me your dog’s needs, and i’ll do my best to please!

    Puppy talk: “When my owner asked Carol and her staff to take me to the vets for a check-up, he knew I was in good hands.”

  • More doggy-related services

    Calorie counter group

    We were asked by a few owners to give help and advice on trimming up their pooch and shedding those extra pounds, so we formed a special group. Whether the calorie counting is for surgery preparation, joints or just general well-being, we offer fortnightly, Saturday weigh-ins (with use of the paddock). Dietary advice and change is offered where needed, which includes a personal exercise package.

    Dog grooming appointments

    At Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon, we can take your dog on a grooming trip (groomers come to the dogs or we take them to the groomers of your choice). We’re happy to collect, deliver to groomer and return your dog home smelling sweet and looking great.

    We can sort it all for you. Tell us the style required and we’ll pass it on to the groomer for her to do her magic. Nails can be done as a one-off or included with the spruce up.

    Home visits

    These can include feeds and simply spending time with your dog at your home, as well as dog walking. Find out more here.

    Rest ‘N’ recovery

    Is your dog due to be spayed, castrated or operated on? Do you need someone to look after your precious doggy while he/she recovers?

    We can offer a quiet, warm, comfortable recovery area/crate with constant love, attention, wee breaks and exercise as advised. No need to take time off work or worry, we will look after your dog for you, while you are away.

    If there is a vet check-up appointment that needs to be attended, we can take care of this for you too.

    As always, please ask about availability!

    If you think you and your doggy would like to come and have a look around with a view to using our services, please get in touch and we can organise a time for a viewing appointment.

    Puppy talk: “A trip to the groomers was a fine day of pampering. I’m sure my owner felt very happy too as I proudly ran up to her all fresh and fluffy when I got home.”

    Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon to discuss our services further.

    Are you looking for doggy day services? Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon.

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