Dog classes in Bursledon

At Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon, we provide DOGGIE SOCIALISING for puppies and for older dogs who have forgotten how to interact. We can take your dog for safe, fun swimming classes at the hydrotherapy pool. Plus, we periodically run puppy classes and puppy pre-school slots to get pups ready for coming to BIG school.

Puppy talk: “I love it! Throw me a stick!”

If you think you and your doggy would like to come and have a look around with a view to using our services, please get in touch and we can organise a time for a viewing appointment.

Puppy Pre-School Visits

The idea of this is to get you and your pup used to coming to us, our house, our family, staff members and other doggies. Part of the session includes collection and return in the van, either in one of the crates or wearing a seat belt – depending on the size of pup! During the sessions, the pups will practise house training, socialising, pack play, paddock play off lead and on lead, general manners and Carol’s boundaries! Naturally, the first few separations are hard for pup and owner alike, you both need to be happy. Doing these sessions will hopefully achieve this.

We have carefully prepared session plans. If you are interested please get in touch.

PRE SCHOOL VISITS can be booked on a day to suit you M-F, contact me to discuss.

Puppy talk: “I whined a little at first, when I had to say goodbye to my owner for the day – and then so did she! But it quickly got easier and I was loving every minute of it!”

Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon for more information on the services we offer.

Hydro-pool fun sessions

We run fortnightly sessions to the pool, for doggies and pups, for a few hours of socialising, fun and swimming. We even have a photo shoot for the parents!

Watch out for the Facebook status or the text message notification. Simply reply to add your dog to the list. Spaces are limited and there are usually about 8 doggy seats in the van! We collect and return them home, worn out and smelling sweet after their post-swim spruce-up.

Next fun swim sessions are to be confirmed.

Puppy swim session dates are also to be confirmed.

Puppy talk: “Have you ever tried doggy paddle? I did and it’s great fun!”

Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon to arrange a fun doggy swimming

Socialising for older dogs

At Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon, in addition to our puppy pre-school, we also provide socialising for older dogs – from 18 months upwards.

These sessions are designed for you and your dog if you would like to use our services. They are also available for your dog if he/she simply needs some doggy time away from the family, or for refreshing manners, help with separation, or for rehabilitation following illness or surgery.

The sessions include:

  • Refreshing back to basic skills – the cure for a lot of problems!
  • Free paddock play
  • Socialising with other dogs
  • Walking as a pack
  • Basic manners
  • Carol’s boundaries
  • more about

    You can feel reassured your dog will learn that being away from the family is not all bad. Everything is taught through play and reward!

    Our next dates are to be confirmed.

    Spaces are limited so it is important to express your interest as soon as possible. Sessions include collection and return if local. Please see our price list.

    Puppy talk: “My doggy pal learned some clever tricks at the doggy classes. I thought she was magic, and she explained that was because she was a ‘labracadabrador.'”

    Contact Carols Canine Caring Ltd in Bursledon for fun and effective dog training and socialising classes. We also offer dog walking services.

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